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Black Background

Hi Church family,


We are inviting applicants for a range of roles here at Elim Church Dunedin. We are a growing church on a bicultural journey committed to discovering our potential as children of God and followers of Jesus. You can find out more about what it looks like to work at Elim Dunedin by watching the above video.


Please contact Barbara to express your interest in a particular role at Please include a current CV and a cover letter.


Applications close Monday 12th September 2022.

Positions available:

Executive Pastor


Executive Pastor
3 JOHN 1:4

Hours: Up to Full Time

Video link:


We are looking for a passionate spiritual leader, with strong administrative and systems experience.


Description: As 2IC, the executive pastor will provide operational and spiritual leadership to Elim Dunedin. You will work in strong partnership with the senior leader which requires a high trust relationship and environment. Our priorities lie in creating and nurturing a discipleship environment, building a healthy teamwork culture and maximising people’s gifts right across the community. The role requires excellent communication skills, self-awareness and a desire to connect with and empower others in their calling.


As Executive pastor, you will:

  • Sit on the senior management team, inputting planning for our strategic direction on a month-to-month basis, and making operational and tactical decisions to ensure effective week-to-week operational delivery

  • provide management for our pastoral team, ensuring they have all of the information, skills and training opportunities they need to thrive in ministry here.

  • Provide leadership and direction to events, ministries and building and mission projects.

  • Minister and pastor in a congregational context.


This role requires someone with at least five years of management and leadership experience. While experience in church-based employment or ministry may not be necessary, it will form a key part of your future as you take up leadership in a Pentecostal church.

Job 1
Job 2


Interning at Elim Dunedin 

If you choose to intern at with us you will need to complete an Elim Leadership College (ELC) programme as part of your internship. These are programmes that teach Christian leadership and ministry while developing real-world skills. Internships are between 1-3 years and are always connected to a ministry in the church. 

what the ELC Programme looks like 

has three internship programmes each of which builds on learning gained in the previous years to form a progression from years 1 to 3. 

How do I become an intern?
  1. Pray, asking God for clear direction as to whether Internship is where He is calling you.

  2. Talk to Gabe, share what God has shown you and ask for their confirmation of the call.

  3. Read the information on our website.

  4. Agree with Gabe on the ministry area you will serve in and discuss the responsibilities you would have.

  5. Discuss a potential supervisor and mentor with Gabe.

  6. Once the supervisor and mentor have agreed to these roles, they need to read the Supervisor and Mentor Handbook.

  7. Complete the application form and the police vetting form.

  8. Gather the required documents and signatures to accompany your application.

  9. Send in your application. Email it to or mail it to PO Box 58-644, Botany, Auckland 2163.

  10. Throughout the application process, continue to pray for God’s leading and wisdom.

Once ELC receives your application, you will be notified by email and advised of the next steps in the enrolment process.

Let us know you are interested.

Thanks for submitting!

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