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Hey Church whanau!
Prayer is at the centre of all that we do. As we seek to establish a rhythm of prayer, 24/7 is become part of the way we prize God’s presence! We’re going to start praying “24/5” every other month for the rest of the year.
The next session of prayer will begin Sunday 21st July at 8pm, finishing Friday 26th July at 8pm. Given it’s winter (and there’s a risk of ice on the roads), we’ll pray 9am to 9pm in the building; 9pm to 9am from your prayer room of choice.
Then we’ll pray again in September and November, in the building.
We’re believing for encounters, prophetic ministry and a release of supernatural joy, as we partner with the Lord in His calling. Will you join us in seeking the Lord, and prizing His presence? Sign up for an hour or more below. 
Join us for an encounter with the Lord here in Otepoti Dunedin!
Gabe & Becca

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