Kingdom Gratitude

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Sunday service messages

If you are wanting to find the message from this Sunday or even 5 months ago, they are all found here as our audio messages.

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We have compiled some messages that we think you will enjoy. Feel free to share them with someone else you think would also enjoy them. 

We would also love it if you joined us on a Sunday to hear a message live. 

Looking Ahead

A colletion of messages that look forward to the future with hope and promise.


A 3-part series exploring what it means to be people who pray


Who are our neighbors and what does it mean to care for one another. Complete Message Series

Living Through Crisis

A collection of helpful messages that will encourage you to live well during this unprecedented global crisis.

Healthy Relationships

A colletion of helpful messages about how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with others.

The Water We Swim In

A mesage series on how to understand the culture we live in today

Relational Discipleship

How we are more people becoming more like Jesus. A collection of messages on discipleship.

Mental & Emotional Health

Helpful messages related to mental and emotional health

Kingdom Characteristcs

What does the Kingdom of God look like when expressed through His people?