Our Vision

 Our vision at Elim Church is MORE PEOPLE BECOMING MORE LIKE JESUS. We are a community, a family, who are becoming more Christ-like in our being and doing. We prioritize relationships by wholeheartedly loving God and loving people, all in response to His great love for us. It looks like a grace-filled community of people who are doing the very things Jesus did; teaching the truth, healing the sick, serving the marginalized, and above all, making disciples of Jesus.

How? Through studying and living out God's Word, through joy-filled worship of our amazing God, and through the power of the Holy Spirit who brings breakthrough and encouragement.

Get connected and be part of what God is doing in Elim Dunedin. 

Our Strategy

Our vision is more people becoming more like Jesus and our strategy for doing this focuses on these key activities.


At Elim we host great services where we all get together as the family of God. They are fun, inspiring, & encouraging. These are times where God is present, where lives get touched and we are transformed as we connect with God and each other.

Several times a year we have special services that might involve a shared meal, special guests or celebrations!


These are small groups of people meeting together in homes or cafes - anywhere that works! In Lifegroups we grow as disciples of Jesus in a community of disciples. It is also where we learn what it means to make disciples by creating safe places to learn how to pray, teach the Word and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 


We are involved in reaching out to our community with God's love in a variety of ways, including personal outreach, Christmas Touch, weekly outreaches on the university campus, Red Frogs, providing meals for the homeless, prison ministry, partnering with church planters overseas, and more.



At Elim we offer a variety of training courses that will help you grow mature emotionally, spiritually, & relationally. We want to help you pursue the call of God on your life by helping you develop your giftings and make disciples wherever God has positioned you. Find help learning about the bible, prayer, finances, marriage, leadership, ministry, mission and more. 

What does 'Elim' mean?

This unusual word has a very interesting background. It was the name of an oasis mentioned in the Bible, located on the escape route of the Israelites from Egypt to the land that God had promised them. You can imagine what this oasis meant to a weary people after days of slogging through the soft, clinging desert sand with the sun beating down relentlessly on their backs!


Exodus 15:27 says that at Elim, there were seventy palm trees clustered around twelve wells. After the dust and heat and thirst of the desert, the shade of the stately palms and the cool sparkle of those refreshing springs must have seemed like Heaven on Earth! It was this idea of finding rest and refreshment that inspired the name 'Elim'.


For many people, life is like a desert. They just exist in a monotonous round of working, eating and sleeping. For them –and perhaps also for you – even the pleasures of life are no more than a kind of mirage: ultimately meaningless and unsatisfying. The emptiness of a life without real purpose can be transformed into the richness of a life that is meaningful, because it is lived out of a relationship with Jesus Christ! You can know this reality in your life – drop in and see us at Elim! We'll be glad to tell you all about it, and share it with you.

More Information

To learn more about the Elim Church of New Zealand, we invite you to take a look at our national website.

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Office Hours: 9am-1pm

Monday to Thursday

Phone: 03-477 5533

Email: office@elimdunedin.com


Church Address: 67 Harrow Street, Dunedin

Postal Address: P.O Box 5390, Moray Place, Dunedin