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I'm New to Christianity

Congratulations on making the best decision of your life! You have just opened the door to a lifetime of exciting adventure: following Jesus. This means becoming like Him in your being and doing as you are empowered by the Holy Spirit to step into the Father's good purposes for your life!

Next Steps

As with all adventures, you need to be prepared. Thankfully God doesn't expect us to figure everything out on our own. Here are some next steps you can take with others at Elim Dunedin to help you hit the ground running. (All free!)

BASIX covers the foundations of Christianity and is done 1-1 with another Christian who will disciple you personally.
ALPHA is a fantastic introduction to Christianity with others exploring their faith.
Growth Track will help you discover your purpose in God and how you can be part of His vision for the Church.
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The Journey of Faith



1. If you haven't already, start going to church services regularly. At Elim we have a special lounge for visitors where you can meet someone who will help you get connected. 

2. Join a Lifegroup! We believe that God did not call us to live isolated lives, but to do life together. Lifegroups are modeled on the practice of Jesus who gathered twelve disciples to Himself to learn how to live for God. The purpose of Lifegroups at Elim is to grow in our discipleship, so that we can become people who love God, do life together and bring Life to others. You can browse our Lifegroups here, or contact our Lifegroup Pastor to find out more. 

3. Pick up a Bible and start reading it. If you don't own one then we would love to give you a New Testament to get you started. In the mean time you can read the Bible online, here. A good place to start is Psalm 105Psalm 106, and Acts 7:1-53. These will give you an overview of the Old Testament and how God was at work in history before the coming of Jesus. Then you can start reading the New Testament, starting with one of the gospels (an account of Jesus' life), such as Luke. Just start at the beginning and work your way through. As you read the Bible we encourage you to practice the discipline we call SOAP. You can check it out here.

To get a good understanding of the Bible as a whole, listen to these two talks by respected church leader and scholar, Bishop Lesslie Newbigin, which give an excellent overview of the entire Bible (click here).

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