Elim supplies the envelopes in which you place your tithe or donation (supplies are the Information Desk, or you can use your own recycled one).


Please write on the envelope

  1. Your full name

  2. The amount of money you are tithing (if you are giving to something other than the tithe, please state the type of giving, e.g. Christmas Touch donation - split if necessary, e.g. $10 tithe and $10 missions)

  3. Cash or Cheque, depending on what type of payment you're making (if you are paying by cheque, please record your full name on the back of the cheque).


Place the envelope in the offering bag when it is handed around during the service (if you miss the offering bag, just hand it to someone at the Information desk).


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Office Hours: 9am-1pm

Monday to Thursday

Phone: 03-477 5533



Church Address: 67 Harrow Street, Dunedin

Postal Address: P.O Box 5390, Moray Place, Dunedin